Pomelo Fashion dives headfirst into technology to accelerate growth

E-commerce needs more than good photos. Here's what Pomelo is doing. Source: Shutterstock

E-COMMERCE companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to transform their business using technology.

However, not many SME e-commerce companies have the vision to go all-in on technology to create intelligent solutions that help the organization delight customers and overshoot growth targets.

The APAC doesn't get the kind of innovation and attention it used to. Source: John MacDougall / AFPThe APAC doesn't get the kind of innovation and attention it used to. Source: John MacDougall / AFPIS THE APAC FALLING BEHIND IN TERMS OF E-COMMERCE INNOVATION?

Fortunately, Pomelo Fashion, founded by Lazada Thailand Co-Founder and MD David Jou in August 2013, isn’t like most SME e-commerce companies.

According to a recent announcement, Pomelo has leveraged its technology team in Thailand and other parts of Asia to build a proprietary in-house technology stack.

The company claims that the idea is to use technology to enable the seamless management of a complex vertical supply chain across its multiple locations and labels.

Pomelo’s project is quite sensible because the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is in an exciting phase right now and experts believe double-digit growth will continue for the next few years.

“The rate at which we continue to improve our technology is a long-term competitive advantage we are very excited about, and ultimately a key differentiator for Pomelo,” said Pomelo CEO David Jou.

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