Green Ba: Vegetarian Rendang Pizza & Amazing Vegetarian Dishes in Somerset

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 1

Located within TripleOne Somerset, Green Ba is actually the second branch of another restaurant of the same name located in Marina Square.

When I first heard that it was a vegetarian restaurant, I honestly did not have very high expectations – but Green Ba really blew my mind with the quality and taste of the food served.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 2

Green Ba has a rather tastefully decorated interior, with a little hydroponics garden on one side where lettuce and other greens are grown.

Some of these even make it into the dishes that are served, which I felt was pretty cool.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 6

I had the Supreme Bowl (S$10.90) which was absolutely amazing. Trust me when I say that I would come back here just to have this massive salad bowl. It’s filled to the brim with generous servings of avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, almonds, carrots and raisins.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 12

I loved the zesty lemon and chia seed sauce that you can drizzle over the Supreme Bowl — it made everything taste amazing.

Another bonus is how perfectly Instagrammable this bowl is, with its many colours.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 3

I also tried the Truffle Aglio Olio (S$18.90) which was done pretty well. The pasta was cooked al dente and had the right amount

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