Food Review: Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat at Joo Chiat | Worthy Alternative to Beauty in The Pot and HaiDiLao Hot Pot?

The Place Surprised to find this steamboat place, lurking just few streets down from my favourite steamboat restaurant in town, Beauty in The Pot at Kinex Mall. Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat at Joo Chiat Road is strongly recommended by one of Panda’s brother, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Despite an unpretentious store front, the walls of the restaurant are lined with photos of the owner and various local and foreign celebrities, and the caption <不好吃不收钱> hanging at the entrance. Needless to say, our expectations were raised.

The Food There’s no need to argue or fret over which soup broth to pick, as there’s only the TTSR Special Soup Base (S$10 for 2 to 4 pax, S$15 for 5 to 8 pax) to choose from. Taking more than 5 hours to prepare the soup base, the restaurant uses both shark bones and cartilage; yes, imagine the collagen rich soup!

While at Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat, you have to order some of their specialities. Go for both the Pork Dumpling (S$7) and the Fish Kuey Tiao (S$7). The Pork Dumpling is actually ‘herh keow’, aka fish dumpling. The skin is made from fish meats, and then wrapped with

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