Sans Forgetica is a Font That’s Proven To Help Students Remember Their Study Notes Better

Student 1: How come I can’t remember a darn thing I’ve read?

2: Maybe it’s because your notebook’s empty from non-attendance in class?

3: Mine’s full of notes, but I just can’t understand it?

2: Well, that notebook’s fine, but it’s in Sanskrit. Is the notebook even yours?

We all know that one wisecrack, better-than-thou classmate back in our university days.

But that’s not the point, because I’m sure all of us have had issues remembering things, alongside wisecrack students or not.

Fret not though, it appears that “a team of researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (yes, that RMIT) has come up with a new type font called Sans Forgetica.”

Say what??

Image: GiphyHail Sans Forgetica

Sans Forgetica it seems, “helps people remember what they have read” reported Techxplore.

“The idea for the font came about as part of an effort to boost memory retention for students studying material for their coursework.”

The “research team combined the expertise of behavioural scientists with design specialists to develop a font that is reasonably pleasing to the eye while inducing retention improvement. ”

Subjecting 400 students to a font test that they thought might help with memory retention, Sans Forgetica

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