Don’t Say Bojio: Super Cute We Bare Bears Collectable Cups Now Available At GV S’pore

If you’ve watched the cartoon serial We Bare Bears before, you’ll know one thing:

These bears are ludicrously cute.

Image: InqPOP!

Having taken the world by storm since their arrival here on Earth back in 2015, the bears have enraptured everyone with their impossibly hilarious and cutesy antics. Take, for example, our local Goody Feed office, which boasts a perfect collection of the bears.

Just perfect, isn’t it?

Indeed, we pride ourselves as the most fervent fans of the pedobears lovely bears, and have as such cultivated a habit of collecting all the We Bare Bear merchandise out there.

So image our surprise when our colleague, who loves the bears so much he has decided to change his name to it, came into the office this morning with a jubilant outcry.

Colleague Bear: Hey guys, have you heard the latest We Bare Bears deet?


Colleague Bear: Well apparently Golden Village has come up with these We Bare Bears Movie Combos…

Us: *Wait with bated breath*

Colleague Bear: That supposedly come with We Bare Bear collectable cups!

Image: Golden Village Singapore

Us: …

Image: TenorWe Bare Bears Collectible Cups

From 15 March 2019 (that’s tomorrow folks) onwards, the cinema

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