How to have a good night’s sleep

If sleep is for the weak, then we never want to be strong. Getting good sleep is of utmost important to us because secretly we all want to be morning people (plus a good breakfast is a nice incentive). But there’s the science-y part too, like how good sleep results in increased energy and productivity, improved heart and immune system health, a better mood, clearer skin and hell yeah, we want all of that too! If you’re always tired in the mornings, try these tips…

Sleep hacks: A nice, inviting bed will contribute to better quality sleep. A nice, inviting bed will contribute to better quality sleep. Photography: Christopher JollyBed, bedsheets and beyond

First things first, you have to get the setting right. A nice bed, a mattress with the perfect soft-firm balance, and cool, crisp sheets will definitely get you snoozing in no time. Time to get shopping!

Fluff up your pillows

Are you a fluffy pillow type? Plump them up, switch off the lights in my room and make sure it is very, very dark, plug in your earpiece for some relaxing music and make sure I have some extra pillows (fluffed up, of course) around me.

Stick to a schedule

Hate routines? Well, if anything this is the only

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