Celebrate International Pi(e) Day With Live Pie Station & Buffet At KOMYUNITI On 16 & 17 Mar

Every year on 14 March, mathematicians and math nerds around the world will come together to celebrate. I bet you’re wondering what the occasion is. Let me give you a clue: think the mathematical constant π (or 3.14159…).

Komyuniti International Pi Day 2019 Online 1


Haven’t figured it out yet? Then perhaps it’s time to flip open your math textbooks, because it’s International Pi Day! To mark the occasion this year, KOMYUNITI is having an exclusive buffet spread (S$45++ per adult, S$25.50++ per child) from 16 – 17 March 2019.

Komyuniti International Pi Day 2019 Online 2


Not only that, but there’ll also be pies for everyone. The restaurant will be setting up an interactive live pie station, where you’ll get to create your very own dessert pies with a Vanilla, Lemon or Chocolate base.

Komyuniti International Pi Day 2019 Online 3


You can then complete your masterpiece with a variety of fillings that includes fresh fruits, crunch and sauces.

Additionally, you can expect to find a selection of special bites at the buffet. From the Cheese and Cold Cut Selection Platter to Baked Shrimp Cake with Remoulade Sauce, need I say more?

If buffets aren’t your thing, fret not. KOMYUNITI is also offering a Pi(e) Day-exclusive a la carte menu that includes savoury mains like Pulled Pork Burger with Fries. Less meat-heavy options

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