S’pore could create cities 1km in the sky 26°C year-round using Japanese tech

Singapore could very well be building something that looks straight out of a futuristic Japanese anime series.

Advertisement What is the future of physical expansion in Singapore?

One high-tech vision for Singapore is to create floating environmentally friendly cities made up of artificial islands in our immediate equatorial ocean.


And this is not mere fantasy.

At the moment, Japanese construction giant Shimizu Corporation has a team working on building a floating city to sustain 50,000 people and more.

What is the structure called?

The super structure is called a “Green Float”.

Prototype model of Green Floats.

It looks like the Supertree Grove in Gardens By The Bay.

Advertisement How big is a Green Float?

It is going to be 1km in height.

At that elevation, the temperature will be cooler at 26°C year-round.

It will be constructed in the sea by utilising the buoyancy force of sea water.

The Green Float will house homes at the top, offices in the middle, vegetable farms at the bottom and beaches around it.

Green Floats can be built and combined in an outward expansion of modules.

How expandable are Green Floats?

Each Green Float cell

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