Mystery of Smoky Smell In The East of S’pore Solved: It’s Caused By JB & Might Come Back

Just two days ago, people in the eastern parts of Singapore woke up smelling (not the roses) but a burning stench in the air.

And immediately, everybody was on high alert.

Is it that time of the year? Is it Indonesia?

Nope, it wasn’t haze

Netizens mentioned that the affected areas were Simei, Pasir Ris, Tampines and Marine Parade (though there could be more areas).

The 24-hr PSI level in that area was, however, “Good”, though you can clearly see that the east and south of Singapore are way higher than the west.

Image: nea.gov.sg

A 65 PSI value is considered “Moderate”.

And the National Environment Agency (NEA) said it wasn’t too.

“Our investigations thus far have not detected any local sources of burning or factory upsets that could have contributed to the smell…No sources of transboundary haze were detected in the region.

Unfortunately, nobody can tell us what’s going on, although NEA said they’ll keep an eye out on the situation.

Until 9 Feb, that is.

The smoky smell caused by our neighbours, JB

Yes, the neighbouring country where we get our water from and the perfect short getaway for Singaporeans on a budget.

It turns out that just like

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