Melissa Koh pregnant with her first child and we have all the details

In a recent Instagram post, Singaporean blogger and influencer Melissa Celestine Koh recently announced to her followers that she and James Chen, her husband, are expecting a baby this year!

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Instagram Photo

Some couples also prefer to announce pregnancies once the first trimester is done, as the risk for miscarriage has greatly reduced after the 12-week mark. Still, Melissa and James have not provided any details about the pregnancy and the sex of the baby.

She may also have been dropping hints even before the announcement. In this Instagram photo which was posted a day before the announcement, she called herself “Mama bear.” Her followers may have thought that she was referring to her furry OOTD, but she could have meant that she was carrying a baby already.

Instagram Photo

Her recent food photo also shows one of her favourite dishes that she had in Germany. Could this have been a photo of food she’s been craving for her pregnancy?

Instagram Photo

While Melissa shared an Instagram photo, so did her husband. The photos may have been taken during the same day. James Chen’s photo showed Melissa holding a set of ultrasound photographs. From the

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