#WeekenderWears: Glasses By Zoff

Geeky is the new sexy

We never understood why bullies would make fun of those who wear glasses. They are such cool accessories that can create an iconic look – think Harry Potter and Tina Belcher! Whether you need to wear them or not, glasses are a unique way to make a fashion statement.

Get into the geek chic trend with Zoff glasses! The leading eyewear chain maker from Tokyo, Japan, offers a wide range of stylish glasses and sunglasses at affordable rates. Since launching in Singapore in 2017, they now have four outlets here. Known for their fast service – you can collect your glasses in as quick as 30 minutes! – Zoff also keeps their quality top-notch.

The Weekender team experienced the great quality and flattering styles for ourselves when we tried on various pairs of Zoff glasses. From a diverse selection of shapes, colours and styles, we each found frames that express our individual personalities and highlight our beautiful features.

Zoff SMART Skinny, in Tortoiseshell Wellington ($228.00)

“I chose these rectangular frames with curved edges since it’s in line with the current trends. Whenever I choose a frame it is mostly for fashion’s sake, and I choose the one that suits my face shape more than anything else.” – Grace

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