S’porean Guy Allegedly Faked His Own Death To Avoid Paying Back Money To Close Friends

As close friends would attest to, I’m not the most angelic guy out there. In fact, someone once asked me:

“Is your name Mercury? Because you’re freaking toxic.”

Image: Funnyjunk

Yet, even with such a ‘pleasant’ reputation, I’m not the most, for lack of a better phrase, fu**ed up guy around here. A while back it was a red suit guy who cracked loads of ‘sword’ jokes with his metal ass pal, and now, it’s a guy called Teng…

Who was so determined not to pay back his debts that he took them to the grave.


Mr Steal Yo Money

But before I speak about Teng, I would first have to talk about a certain Abigail Lee, who first took to Facebook on behalf of her friend. The post, which was uploaded on 12 Dec, had described how her friend had lent a total of S$26.000 to a guy known as Teng, despite the fact that they weren’t exactly close.

Lee’s uplaoded picture of Teng. Image: Abigail Lee Facebook Page

To clarify, Lee expressed that her friend was “soft-hearted”. And from the looks of it, it could be because Teng sure had a way with words too.

You can read the full Facebook post down

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