4 Good Reasons To Review Your Financial Portfolio On a Yearly Basis

Review your financial portfolio

It’s that time of the year where festive songs are playing at every corner and you’re busy shopping for Christmas presents! This is also when we set new goals and resolutions for 2019 and take stock of what we’ve achieved this year!

When 1st Jan 2019 hits, we’d all have become one year closer to our retirement and one year less healthy.

And if your policies have been sitting in a corner and collecting dust, it’s time to take a look at them. We have all heard our financial Advisors tell us that our portfolio needs to be reviewed yearly.

Undoubtedly, there could have been thoughts of scepticism that crossed your mind whenever you hear that. “Huh? Why need to? Are you trying to get me to buy more policies again? Lei che leh”

Before we reject the notion of the review, here’s four reasons why you need to review your portfolio:

1. It’s your financial check-up for the year, similar to a medical check-up.

Your portfolio is your financial health report. You go for regular health check-ups to see if your cholesterol has gone haywire because of all that seafood you’ve been eating. Or your blood pressure has

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