Enjoy Up To 90% Off on Shopee on Items Like The Nintendo Switch, Laneige Products, Marshall Headphones & More on 11 Nov

Everybody has heard of Shopee, right?

That’s the place to go to when you want to get some good quality and affordable shopping done.

And yes, they’re the Baby Shark you’ve been hearing almost everywhere, from cinemas to office lobbies to even when you’re lying on your comfy bed reading some articles from Goody Feed.

Well, guess what? Even if you’re a non-believer in Shopee (or Baby Shark), their 11.11 Big Sale is going to change your mind.

We’re talking up to 90% non-stop deals. Think all-you-can-eat, except it’s not just about food.

Clothes, bags, gadgets, everything goes.

Here’s what you can expect on 11.11 on Shopee.

Expect humongous, ginormous & perhaps even tumultuous deals the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Watch as Shopee pulls out all the plugs, with up to 90% off

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 at exclusive prices Grab vouchers Dyson Air Purifier Fan at more than 20% off & more Image: reactiongifs.us

Yes, 11 November is a special day indeed.

But that’s not the best part.

Hourly Flash Deals

Flash deals are the main domain of online shopping sites. Typically, you’ll see online shopping websites giving hourly flash deals about three to four times a day.


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