We found a luxury gem in Switzerland that’s worth the trip

The Swiss are famous for many wonderful things – think chocolate, cheese and fine watches – and every true blue Singaporean knows you can’t miss the holy trinity of well-crafted Swiss products on your shopping list. Another hallmark of Swiss craftsmanship lies in the art of jewellery design and Switzerland’s home to an impressive number of world-renowned jewellers. One such example is the House of Gübelin, a family-run fine jewellery, gemstone and watch institution with a 160-year heritage.

Gubelin Boutique | Switzerland TourismInside a Gübelin boutique; photography: GübelinIn a class of its own

Led by the family’s sixth generation, the House of Gübelin first started as a watchmaker’s shop in Lucerne in 1854 and has a long tradition in offering coveted names such as Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre, to name but a few. Aside from Gübelin’s horological repertoire, the luxury brand Gübelin Jewellery has garnered plenty of accolades on its own. Gübelin Jewellery is famed for championing an aesthetic that is inspired by the fascinating inner world of gemstones combining artistic themes with nature and passion. The independent Gübelin Gem Lab is an internationally respected affiliation used by famous auction houses, royalty and collectors for its expert analyses and gemmological reports – yes, you’re

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