Menya Kokoro: Dry Ramen, Takoyaki & More At Famous Tokyo Mazesoba Outlet In Suntec City

When you think about ramen, you usually think of Tonkotsu, Shoyu or Miso broth ramens. But did you know that there’s also dry ramen? Also known as Mazesoba, it’s actually a common dish in Japan.

Now you can try it in Singapore, at Menya Kokoro! This popular mazesoba restaurant from Japan has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Suntec City Mall.

Menya Kokoro 1

Located within Eat At Seven’s Japanese Food Street, Menya Kokoro serves up bowls of authentic mazesoba that aims to impress.

Menya Kokoro 19

I’ve only tried mazesoba once in Japan, and the sauce left a lasting impression. At Menya Kokoro, I tried the Original Tokyo Maze-Soba (S$10.80++/regular, S$12.80++/large), in hopes that it will be just as good.

The dish came with spring onions, chives and sous vide egg over a medley of minced meat, braised charsiu and ground saba fish. The best way to enjoy mazesoba is to mix the sauce, noodles and all the ingredients evenly.

Menya Kokoro 15

I noticed that unlike the usual thin ramen noodles, the noodles used here were quite thick. It was only slightly thinner than udon, and retained a chewy and springy texture.

The generous meat sauce was salty on its own and also added a burst of savoury flavour to the otherwise plain noodles. What impressed me

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