The Deceased Is KL’s First Hell-Themed Bar That’s Satisfyingly Creepy If You Can’t Wait For Halloween To Come

A one-of-a-kind Chinese hell-themed bar

The Deceased Bar 2Source: @linlinsdiary

For those of you who check all the boxes of being: a horror movie buff, a person who enjoys going to haunted house attractions, and someone who’s intrigued by the afterlife, listen up – The Deceased is a hell-themed speakeasy bar located in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown.  

The Deceased Bar 3This is The Deceased. Source: @kevin.christopher

Inspired by Chinese superstitions of life after death, the entrance to the eerie watering hole is just like their concept of the afterworld – there, but unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Located in a rundown building with no signage at all, a password is needed to enter, and what will greet you behind the door is a long stairway smeared in “blood”.

The Deceased Bar 6The bar’s entrance. Source: @63jon_leo96

The Deceased Bar 4Source: @juenyie

Talismans, altars, and old-school Chinese medicine cabinets add to the feel of the underworld, but The Deceased is a bar, and the highlight is undoubtedly their cocktails!

The Deceased Bar 5Source: @linlinsdiary

Lots of props are used to decorate their wittily-named concoctions, including Chinese opera masks, incense sticks, traditional wooden slippers, and severed hands.

The Deceased Bar 1Source: @thedeceased

The ingredients are also laden with Chinese influences, consisting of rice wine, red dates, kumquat, and

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