7 Singaporean Superheroes And Where They Are Now

The secret superheroes of Singapore

Whenever NDP rolls around, we celebrate our nation’s unsung heroes because of the due recognition and gratitude that they deserve – but what about their more “traditional” counterparts, AKA the superheroes?

From VR Man and SMRT Man to Jenny Quantum, our country’s lineup of heroes might not have made the cut for Infinity War, but they still deserve applause for their hard work back in their heydays – here’s a quick shout out to their glory days and update on their whereabouts now:

1. VR Man

Singapore Superheroes 10Source: Uncyclopedia

Debut: 1998
Status: Semi-retired

Singapore Superheroes 1Source: reddit

Portrayed by James Lye way back in 1998, VR Man was Mediacorp’s first original superhero series that got famous for being unintentionally comedic. Dressed in an all-black costume that looks weirdly similar to a hybrid between a swimming costume and SWAT team uniform, his powers grew from just being able to fly and create holographic copies of anything to an impressive range of virtually anything – super strength, super speed, and even making it rain by nose-bleeding.

Check out his super speed here!

The show only lasted a season, and since then, he has been making guest

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